Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our First Car!

Sorry I've been keeping you in suspense but I didn't want to share our exciting news until we got all the paperwork finalized. From the title of this blog you probably guessed we got the car! It definitely took some patience to get there-it took a week for financing to get back to us! But we did it!
We got the call April 9 from our salesman Chris Rocke that Eddie (AMAZING finance guy at Uftring Nissan) had worked out a deal with Nissan to finance us as recent college grads. This gave us a great rate (5.89%) even though we don't have the most established credit history other than credit cards. Getting approved was the big moment for us. I was ready to run over to Nissan and sign all the paperwork that day but my fiance was a little more weary. He was concerned we hadn't looked enough and that the car might be a lemon. He tends to over-think things more than I do so he wanted to tell Chris we'd wait until Monday to make our decision so we could do more research....Men....
Well Monday came around and Jacob had done his research. The Sentra was good to go. We met Eddie at the store to sign a stack of paperwork (I'm not over exaggerating) that would finally make us the owners of our very first car together! We signed papers from Nissan and Uftring and the state and even Indiana (?) signing away that we knew what we were getting ourselves into and that we would get insurance in case we got ourselves into something bad. (Get quotes online. It takes fifteen minutes and you can print off proof of insurance right then).
And there it was. The car was ours. They pulled it out front for us. It was a nice surprise to have the interior and exterior completely cleaned by the dealership. They even put on brand new tires for us and filled them with Nitrogen! Chris handed us the keys-here was our car.
Now you think this would be the end of our story but apparently you have to wait for your lender to send you some paperwork once the financing has officially gone through. By April 19 (one week later) we hadn't received anything but got a call from Eddie. I thought this was bad news but apparently he had talked with Nissan and negotiated an even better deal on our financing. We are now only paying 3.99% interest! We had to go in an sign some more paperwork of course (we got another car wash out of this trip though so that was a bonus) but this is going to save us almost $1000 in interest-Thanks Eddie!
Yesterday we received the notice from Nissan. Everything has gone through and the car is Officially Officially ours. I've been really happy with the Sentra-it gets great gas mileage and drives smooth and the smart key is awesome (I can start it and unlock it with the touch of a button!). We still have two years of warranties on it so we don't have to worry too much about maintenance and our payments don't start until the end of next month.
This has been quite a different experience than I thought it would be. I had really thought there would be a lot more stress and buyer's remorse, but so far Jacob and I are incredibly happy. We want to thank Uftring Nissan for taking such good care of us and thank you for being a part of our experience.