Monday, June 25, 2018

4 Tips to Keeping a Cool Car - Uftring Auto Group

Ah, Summer. Trips to the lake, cookouts at the pool, baseball games and ice cream runs. There's nothing quite like it! Although it's fun to see your kids pile in the car, you sometimes wish you wouldn't have to. Peoria area summers can be brutal. Parking your car just about anywhere means that things are going to get hot. Since we know cars at the Uftring Auto Group, we want to give you some tips on keeping them cool!

1. Use a Sunshade and Dash Cover When Your Car is Parked

See if you can recall this scenario. You take your kids/friends to the pool, spend 4 hours there, and have a blast taking a dip and soaking up sun. Then, you get in your car. HOT. HOT. HOT! All the time you've been at the pool, your windshield has acted as a giant magnifying glass. Everything you touch in the car is going to be hot. 

Here's a tip! Buy a sunshade. They're very affordable, and they prevent your car from heating up to the temperature of a burning skillet. You can also cover your dashboard, seats, and even your seat belts to prevent yourself from getting hurt by the heat. Believe it or not, it happens.

2. Find a Spot in the Shade to Park 

No matter where you go, you can almost always find shade to park in. Whether it's a garage, a tree, or an awning, there's always some around. Next time you and the family take a trip, make sure you park smart. Find a nice shady spot so your car doesn't get hot. Will you have to walk a little further to get where you're going? It's possible, but it's also worth it. What's worse? Walking three extra blocks or feeling too hot for comfort. I think you know the answer!

3. Cover your Steering Wheel When Not Using your Car 

Something that always seems to take us by surprise is how hot our steering wheel can get. And it's the part of the car we touch the most! Have you ever sat in your parking spot with the A/C running, touching the steering wheel as though you're checking if it's done cooking? It's not a baked potato! 

Simply cover your steering wheel with a bath towel while you aren't using your car. This will allow you to be able to grip the wheel when getting back in your car. Think about it. If you try to drive while barely holding the wheel, you are a danger to everyone around you. Be smart. All you need is a towel!

4. Keep Your Windows Slightly Opened

Does the heat of your car ever take your breath away? Well, what do you expect? You're basically sitting in an oven with no air circulation! When you go somewhere in public, crack your windows ever so slightly to let some air through. By cracking them just an inch or so, you're allowing air to get in so your car won't be as hot and muggy when you return. 
CAUTION: Make sure you look at the weather forecast before doing this. That last thing you want is to turn your carpool into an actual one!

We hope these tips help you keep a cool car this summer! Remember to throw away food, store valuables, and keep an emergency kit available at all times. The heat can be dangerous, so always plan ahead. And if you're looking to get a new, cool car (a different kind of cool), stop by one of our Uftring Auto Group locations! We'd love to give you more tips as well as help you find your dream vehicle. Enjoy your summer, and stay cool!