Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Corvette

What is it about a Corvette that makes you feel free?

The speed? The rumble of the engine? The wind in your hair?

This iconic Car was first seen in 1953-designed by Harley Earl. Since its inception the Corvette has truly become and icon of American Sports Cars. We here at the Uftring Group hold a special reverence for these machines and are pleased to announce the arrival of a new specially made Corvette.

The Jim McComb Dealership has been privileged to temporarily house a brand new Corvette. This Corvette is custom built with all the stops. The car will be on display at the dealership until it has been sold and will also be on display at the Central Illinois Auto Show. Corvette enthusiasts are welcome to
admire this beautiful machine.

Come by to appreciate one of the finest examples of the American Automobile.