Thursday, May 10, 2018

3 Great Spots in Peoria to Cruise Around with Your Top Down - Uftring Auto Blog

Ahh, Summer. The days are longer, warmer, and more enjoyable. From riverfront concerts to outdoor leagues and races, there really is no better season! And who doesn't love to ride around with the windows (or top, if you're rolling in a convertible) down? Here are three amazing places around the Peoria area where having the wind in your hair is a necessity.

1. Prospect & Grandview Drive

Overlooking the historic Illinois River is a stretch of road lined with houses with the most stunning of views you'll ever see. So stunning, in fact, that this stretch of road was called the "World's Most Beautiful Drive" by our 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt. Off of Knoxville Road by Junction City Plaza sits Prospect Rd. This street leads you down a windy road of head-turning views and beautiful homes. Just when the stretch of uniquely constructed houses ends, a quick turn left will change your perspective forever. Grandview Drive is the name of this turn... and you'll want to make it. While on the right you see more glamorous structures of brick, stone and wood, on the left are the most breathtaking views you'll ever gaze upon. We could explain these views all day, but they're something you'll want to see for yourself.

2. High View Road

On the East Peoria side of the Illinois River is an inclined bridge that seems as though it's floating over the highway. That bridge leads up to High View Road. This stretch of land, much like Grandview, has a rich history as well. Not only does it hold even more elegant homes and landscaping, but it looks over the famous Peoria skyline. So, whether you're on a Sunday stroll or out Saturday for supper, take a trip up to High View Road and bask in the beauty this wonderful city has to offer. 

3. Trigger Road 

For those of you looking to escape the city, we know the perfect place. Trigger Road, which runs along the Northeast corner between Peoria and Dunlap, is a refreshing two-lane road that gives you views of farmland, dive bars and a minimal amount of structured real estate. The seldom bursts of traffic allow you to cruise right along while you enjoy your company, the fresh air or a moment of simplicity. So roll down your windows and take in the ride! 

Now that you know of some spots to ride around in, go take a drive! And if you're looking for a new car, truck or SUV, stop by any of the Uftring Auto Group locations or visit