Monday, July 9, 2018

Five Tips for Driving in Bright Sunlight

There aren't too many bad things you can say about summer. School's out, the days are longer, and the weather is phenomenal! But with longer days comes a brighter sun and low visibility when driving in the early morning or evening. Did you know that bright sunlight can create visual illusions? As a result of this, the risk of a life-threatening crash is 16% higher during moments of bright sunlight. Luckily, the Uftring Auto Group has some tips for you to stay safe in these sunny conditions.

Uftring Auto Group Sunlight

1. Purchase/Wear a Quality Pair of Sunglasses

Among the list of items to pay a good price for (shoes, a mattress, a car, etc.) is sunglasses. When you look past the "same style" factor, you'll notice that a nice quality pair of sunglasses improves both the glare response and visibility you receive when driving in the bright sunlight. And, equally as important, they're better for your eye health. If you invest around $150-200 on a nice pair of sunglasses, you'll notice a remarkable difference when you drive in bright sunny conditions. 

2. Use Your Visors - They Work

You know those flaps that come down right in front of your face? Well, they do more than hold your garage door opener. Those are sun visors, and they work! If you're driving straight on the sun is in your eyes, simply angle your visor to minimize brightness. If the sun is to your left or right, your visor detaches on either side. Next time you're out driving and notice you sticking your hand up to block the sun (which is dangerous, everyone!), try your visor instead. You'll enjoy the result. 

3. Drive Slower/Smarter

We understand that everyone has places to be. With that said, however, you aren't going to get there any quicker if you get in an accident due to low visibility. Although you should always drive smart, you really should drive slower and more attentively when bright sunlight is a factor. When driving on the highway or city street, keep more distance between you and the car in front of you. Both of your reaction times will be slower due to brightness. Another useful tip: activate your turn signal much sooner than normal. You must always take into consideration that everyone around you has the same visibility. It pays to drive smart!

4. Get Your Car Windows Professionally Tinted

Having your windows tinted will keep a good percentage of sun rays out of your vehicle, increasing your visibility substantially. And it only costs $200-300. When looking at the big picture, that's a smart investment. Just visit one of the Uftring Auto Group's service centers. We'd be happy to apply a tint to your vehicle's windows! 

5. Try Your Best to Avoid Driving in the Bright Sunlight

If you could opt out of driving in the bright sunlight, we're sure you would! However, that isn't always the option. Sometimes you just have to go where/when you're going. That's understandable. BUT, if you can help it, try to avoid driving right into the sunlight. Sometimes, all it takes is 20 minutes for the worst of it to go away. So, if you're planning a trip to the store, the restaurant, the cookout, etc., wait a few minutes. You'll be putting yourself in a lot safer of a position. 

Now that you know how to handle the road when the sun is shining bright, go get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses and have us tint your windows for you. And don't forget about that visor! 

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