Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buying A Used Car

The last thing you want to happen with your used car purchase is to find out it has numerous problems and costly repairs. Suddenly that great deal has turned into a great steal. If you know what to look for and the right questions to ask, you can avoid one of these nightmare scenarios.

Enter Gary Uftring. Owning Uftring Auto Group with its six car dealerships spread across the Peoria area, Gary knows a bit about buying quality used cars and how to separate the wheat from the chaff. The video below is of Gary when he was a featured guest on Good Company and gave advice to their viewers on how to buy a used car. If you're in the market or thinking about purchasing a used car, this is a video to watch. It lays out the basic and essential tips that everyone should keep in mind when shopping.

  • Talk to the previous owner if possible
  • Take the car to an independent technician for inspection
  • Check the car thoroughly
  • Ask to see the reconditioning report from the dealer
  • Take the car for a test drive
  • Ask to put the vehicle on a lift so you see underneath
  • Run an auto check like Carfax
  • Have the dealer explain and show you what they've done (repairs, replaced equipment, etc.)
If you follow these tips your used car shopping experience should prove much more fruitful and you will have greatly increased your likelihood of landing a great used car. No one wants to get stuck with a clunker or a money pit. Uftring Auto Group has plenty of high quality, thoroughly inspected used cars in Peoria to choose from. It's always a great place for you to start your search!