Thursday, January 9, 2014

Uftring Weston Pre-Owned Center

Just down the road from our Uftring Weston Chevy Cadillac store is the Uftring Weston Pre-Owned Center on the corner of War Memorial Drive and University Street. You can’t miss the blue roof! If you’re looking for a large selection of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs, our pre-owned center is just the spot.

Why buy a used car? There are many reasons why a pre-owned vehicle purchase can sometimes better fit our customers’ needs over purchasing brand new. Some of our very best values come from a variety of used cars on our lot. It’s a fact that used cars are now more reliable than ever before. Lower interest rates, typically lower insurance rates, affordability and reliability are just some of the many reasons our customers purchase pre-owned vehicles from Uftring Weston Chevy Cadillac.

We encourage anyone shopping for a pre-owned vehicle in the greater Peoria area to visit both Uftring Weston Chevrolet Cadillac and the Uftring Weston Pre-Owned Center for any of your car needs. We’ve got the best sales team, top-notch service and parts departments and we’re here to help you, even in these bitter cold temperatures.