Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 Nissan Altima - Video Review

Nissan Sales Consultant Ibrahim "Abe" Monla reviews the fantastic 2015 Nissan Altima, for sale now at Uftring Nissan in Peoria, IL!

Stop by the store or call Abe today at (309) 265-0792 to drive a brand new Altima. You can check out our entire stock of new and used Nissans at

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  1. Purchased a certified used 2017 Murano last Friday. I made the mistake of not doing a very thorough inspection of every fine little detail of the car. I drove 3 hours to pick it up after agreeing on a price. Upon arrival, the car was parked in an unlit area for my inspection. I agreed to purchase it. They ran my credit and me and my husband had a 835 credit score. They told me that since it was late i had to take a high rate of interest. We almost left and so he than said he could lower the rate so we proceeded. Got in the car and realized the navigation was not working so the salesman had to take a chip out of the other car at the dealer. Drove home and pulled in my garage and to my surprise there were cracks all over the passenger headlight, the USB port broken and there wasn't even car mats! I was so upset and called the dealer first thing in the morning. The used car salesman refused to help me and said " i cant prove anything" Not only do i not get the headlight fixed but they wont even give me floor mats! i called again and they agreed to sell me one for $785. Are you serious?! Screwing a mother right before Christmas.