Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday – Jaguar E-Type

Our #ThrowbackThursday pick comes from the Jaguar Land Rover Peoria Blog!

Jaguar Land Rover Peoria is feeling a little groovy today and throwing it back to one of the most iconic sports cars of the 1960s. Jaguar unveiled the E-type in March 1961, and it was like nothing else on the road.
At the time, the all-new sports car was billed as one of the most quiet and flexible cars on the market. The E-type featured a revolutionary body that was not wind tunnel tested but created using complex mathematical formulas. This top of the line sports car could also hit the magic 150 mph, making the Jaguar E-Type a new kind of sports car. Not only was this Jaguar fast and classy looking but also it was one of the best-priced sports cars on the market. 
Jaguar has recently announced that they would be making six new E-Type cars. These special Jaguars will be lighter than the originals. The new E-Type will drop 205 pounds, with help from its aluminum body. Though there will only be six made, we cannot wait to see what this new classic can do.  
Every day, our Jaguar Land Rover Peoria team stands in awe of the beauty and power behind each Jaguar at our dealership. Come visit our luxury car dealership in Peoria to experience the power, luxury and performance of a Jaguar. You won’t regret it.