Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nissan Class-Leading Fuel Economy

Uftring Nissan is proud to be a Nissan dealership for many reasons, but one important reason is the exceptional fuel economy ratings of several Nissan models. The Nissan is one of the top manufacturers of the automotive industry when it comes to the best fuel economy you can buy. The purchase of a Nissan is not only smart for your wallet, it’s smart for the environment and the economy.

The Nissan Versa Note has a class-leading fuel economy of 40 MPG highway. If you think a vehicle with incredible economy would be out of your price range, you are mistaken. The new Versa Notes start out at $13,990. Save money with the purchase of your car, save even more money while driving it. You’ll save more money than ever on your monthly gas budget not having to fill up at the pump so often.

The new 2014 Sentra’s fuel economy is just under the Versa Note at 27 MPG city, 36 MPG highway. With the horsepower, comfort and luxury of a Sentra, high thirties for highway MPG makes it nearly impossible to beat outside the Nissan brand.  The Altima, a customer favorite, ranks up to 27 MPG city, and 38 MPG highway. Just like the Versa Note and Sentra, you’ll save more money at the pump than you can imagine. The future of the best in fuel economy is only at Uftring Nissan. Stop in today for a test drive any of our vehicles or view our latest inventory online. Nissan – innovation (and fuel economy) that excites.