Thursday, March 31, 2011

East Peoria Man Wins A Nissan Juke

He just got lucky. But he was smart about it and played his luck in the right way.

The prize (2011 Nissan Juke) lies in wait
Randal was a big winner last Friday. How big of a winner? He won a brand new 2011 Nissan Juke from Uftring Nissan in Peoria. Yeah, big winner of a sexy, sporty, small and agile crossover. His planning and execution played a part in his victory, and good old lady luck took care of the rest.

A striking sports crossover with signature Nissan tail lights
You see, Randal put some thought into his victory. He saved up all of his entries through the month of March and then unleashed them all last Friday. His wasn't the first name drawn. No matter, as that individual wasn't present. Time to draw again. Whose name was called? Yep, it was Randal.

Randal and his wife, proud owners of a 2011 Nissan Juke
"Do you want the car, or the cash?" asked the lady running the drawing. "I want the car," Randal replied. "Are you sure?" she responded. "Yes," he said. Randal had a choice of eight envelopes to pick from. He chose the number 3 envelope. Again he was asked if he wanted the car or cash. There was only one thing on his mind - the Juke. She opened the envelope and asked him one more time: car or cash? Our man Randal is a bastion of consistency. It was the Juke for him, he would not break down and take the cash.

The Juke is fun even when it isn't moving
"What color do you want it in?" she asked. Randal responded that he didn't want to choose until he had won the car. "Well," she said, "you won!" Guess he'd have to choose the color after all. Not a bad start to the weekend.
Lettie Schmitt shows Randal around the Juke
Fast forward to today (Thursday) at Uftring Nissan. After nearly a week of patience, Randal is finally able to pick up his prize. Lettie Shmitt, one of our all star sales consultants, assisted Randal with the finer details of his new Nissan Juke. She helped him through all of the paperwork, then showed him around the exterior and interior of the gorgeous gun metallic gray sport cross he had come to claim.

Lettie explain the features of the Juke
 XM Radio, navigation, sport mode, eco mode, iPod integration, push button start - Lettie moved through all of this and more smoothly and with great attention to detail. Randal was pleased with his prize. His wife and daughter were quite happy as well. The Juke even has harnesses with which to secure child seats - perfect for his grandchildren.

We'd like to thank Randal for choosing the new 2011 Nissan Juke instead of a pile of cash! It's much more fun to drive. If you're interested in or looking for a Juke, we'd love to provide one for you. Please view our 2011 Nissan Juke inventory on our website. We have a list of people waiting to get their hands on a Juke, so act swiftly if you'd like to see yourself in this gorgeous sport cross anytime soon!