Monday, September 20, 2010

11th Annual River City Mustang And All Ford Car Show

It was time to take a look back this past weekend during the 11th Annual River City Mustang and All Ford Car Show held at the Uftring Automall. Despite storms early in the morning and overcast skies through the afternoon, hundreds still made their way to see the new, the old and the "I can't believe that still runs" Ford cars on display.

Mustangs show off their goods
 There were 120 cars present, a great turnout especially given the weather. Participants enjoyed seeing a ton of classic and new Mustangs nearly every era. In addition to the deluge of Mustangs, other unique automobiles from Ford's storied past made an appearance, such as the Cobra Mark III, Thunderbird, Country Sedan, Model T, Mercury Cyclone and even a first generation Econoline complete with motorcycle in the back, among others. If you were a Ford lover there surely wasn't a better place to be on Sunday.

Crowds enjoy the great Fords on display. Note the Econoline on the right - sweet!
Car lovers enjoyed delicious grilled food and classic hit music played in the background while families walked about the event. Kids danced in jubilation and rode around on their scooters. It was a great atmosphere and the crowd enjoyed examining and talking about the cars with one another. It's the community that makes these events so worthwhile.

This owner had a great Mustang and a great mustache - a potent combo.
The River Valley Drifters were present and raising money for the Children's Hospital by selling raffle tickets to win a Mustang. Tickets are still able to be purchased through the Children's Hospital of Illinois website and the drawing will be held in December.

One of the Cobras at the show.
Thanks go out to the owners who brought in their cars, everyone who stopped by to see the fantastic cars and to all of the volunteers who helped make the show possible! We can't wait for next year.

Children were so happy to be in front of this Ford Taurus that they spontaneously broke out in dance. Or it was Simon & Garfunkel.

If you are interested, you can see more pictures of the 11th Annual River City Mustang and All Ford Car Show on the Uftring Automall Facebook page. Don't forget to become our fan while you're there!