Monday, June 21, 2010

The Future of Jim McComb

Jim McComb Chevrolet has two new General Managers, Jeff Loucks and Kevin Lundquist! Jeff and Kevin have dedicated a high level of service to Jim McComb for many years, and it's fitting that they were both recognized for their talents, abilities, and hard work. We interviewed both men to find out where they've come from and what they're planning for the future.

Jeff has been at Jim McComb for nearly 18 years. His favorite thing about working? Helping the customers with their driving experience and fulfilling their wishes and desires. He began as a service technician and team leader, but it was less than a year before he was promoted to Assistant Service Manager. A little over a decade later and he became the Service Manager. Jeff is a firm believer in the concept that employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, and so he strives to create an enjoyable and positive work environment. He is most excited about elevating employees and seeing where they are able to go with the opportunities they are given. Customers should be excited about choices, opportunities, and a new vision of customer service, while at the same time maintaining the high level of customer service that has come to be expected at Jim McComb Chevrolet. Jeff gets a kick out of seeing people walk out of the store with a smile.

Kevin started his career at Jim McComb Chevrolet washing cars in high school. He then worked his way through the sales and finance departments, holding a managerial position in each area, until he was promoted to sales director. Kevin loves the great atmosphere at the store and the attention to customer service. Getting to know the customer is one of the advantages of the environment. Providing the same high level of customer service is one of his aims, and he also wants to bring a fresh perspective to the position. Kevin is most excited to use his experience in different fields to build great teamwork. Customers should be excited to receive the same high level of customer service they've come to expect.

Both men agreed that the Uftring Auto Group has a great business environment. Though it's a large organization, they have relationships with and feel connected to employees at the other stores. It is an environment where employees have an opportunity to grow due to the compassion and materials, tangible and intangible, they are provided with. The two men believe that Gary Uftring has a vision of business today and tomorrow, and equips his employees with the necessary tools to achieve that vision. That is what has allowed Uftring as a group to achieve the success it has.

We're excited for the future at Jim McComb Chevrolet! It's in the hands of some intelligent, kind, and capable men.

 Jeff Loucks

Kevin Lundquist

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